Derry Hill 7

Rahn Heer is the new owner of the Derry Hill convenience store, ran by Simon and Sonja Strange for the last 50 years.

Rahn decided to move the business to southwest regional distribution company Appleby Westward, and return it to the Spar fascia.

“It was a Spar store 35 years ago and we found some old Spar signs around the place,” said Rahn, who had been running a convenience store in Bath for the last 18 years. He had been looking for a village store closer to his home in Chippenham for him, his wife Dee, and son Imy, to run.

“I realised Spar would be the ideal brand for the village and I haven’t regretted my decision,” he continued.

“The whole team from Appleby Westward has been ‘spot on’ and I am delighted with the product availability, merchandising, range, and the good connections the company has with its suppliers. I ran a store in Bath for 18 years, but it’s still always a challenge.”

Rahn agreed a co-investment deal with Appleby Westward and undertook a complete store refit this summer. Sales have exceeded £2,000 a day since reopening under the Spar banner, and Appleby Westward has bought his Bath store which will join the firm’s company-owned stores portfolio.

He says there are future plans to grow the site and make some additions. Rahn told “The plan is to double the size of the store. We’re looking into doing this next year or so when we get the Post Office in and we’re also looking at the addition of a bakery, with a hot food offer.”