The Chilled Champions team visited the Nisa Local store in Horninglow, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, to create an ideal fixture for chilled food. The store has been open since April, and the group of six leading chilled suppliers built on the good work of store manager Kevin Friel and his team to implement updated ranges, optimal positioning and logical customer flow

Nisa Local Horninglow


Two-litres is the best-selling milk format so a new fixture based entirely on this pack size was created. Smaller sizes and related products such as cream are merchandised in a secondary fixture alongside.

Nisa Horninglow

Eat now

Sandwiches have pride of place first in the chilled flow to attract shoppers who are looking for something to eat immediately, while hot microwave snacks are placed directly underneath. Meal deals including a chilled drink should be communicated clearly. Savoury pastries are popular, but it is important to present the range in a disciplined way. Own label lines are at the top, with branded products at eye level, and multipacks on lower shelves. Cheese snacks also form part of the chilled snacking offer.

Nisa Morninglow

Meal for tonight

With food for now taken care of, the next part of the fixture addresses shoppers looking for something to eat later. Fresh meat is first in flow, followed by cooked meats and then ready meals, with chilled pizzas on the bottom shelf. Meal accompaniments are merchandised close to ready meals to generate additional sales.

Nisa Morninglow

Yogurts and desserts

The major work here was to address product flow. Big pots were placed on the top shelf, and popular Greek-style products added to the range. The flow then goes luxury yogurt, thick and creamy, with light products at the bottom of the fixture. Similar types of products, such as kids’ lines and pot desserts, are grouped together.

Nisa Morninglow


Major brands occupy the middle shelves, with formats such as sliced and grated included in the flow. Own-brand and value offerings are on the lower shelves, with spreads at the top of the fixture.

Nisa Morninglow

Yellow fats

For yellow fats the key principles are the same as with cheese, with bigger brands occupying the centre.

Nisa Morninglow

The finished product

The makeover completed, the new chilled presentation has a logical flow and makes it easier for shoppers to find the key products they are looking for.

Chilled Champions

Chilled Champions is an initiative from Convenience Store in partnership with leading suppliers Dairy Crest, Kepak, Müller Dairy, PepsiCo, Kerryfresh and Müller Wiseman Dairies.

The aim is to provide retailers with tailored advice to maximise their chilled sales.