It’s been nearly two years since Costcutter executive chairman Colin Graves stood up at the group’s annual conference and publicly resigned from the Nisa-Today’s board. At the same time, the wheels were put in motion for the symbol group to consider other options to renewing its supply deal with Nisa.

Two years later and, publicly at least, the wheels appear to have been moving very slowly, in marked contrast to the pace of change both within Costcutter and in the convenience market as a whole. Graves is no longer with the group he founded, while elsewhere huge changes have taken place in the high street, and multiple and co-op expansion has continued unabated.

Decisions such as a new product sourcing and supply chain are not to be taken lightly, and Costcutter still has a window to formulate a new plan. But time is running out, and many Costcutter retailers are becoming nervous and frustrated at the apparent lack of progress.

Next Monday sees the group’s annual exhibition and dinner, and we will all be listening intently for news of the next development.