This winter, Rowse Honey is taking on the common cold with a natural winter defence range.

Rowse Honey’s new pharmacy products, Pure Honey & Lemon Sachets and Lozenges, responds to consumer demand for natural remedies.

Available now from both retailers and pharmacies, and with just three ingredients; honey, lemon and vitamin C, Rowse Honey’s Sachets and Lozenges are 100% natural and contain vitamin C to help support the normal function of the immune system.

With honey, lemon and hot water already a popular home remedy, Rowse Honey’s Sachets and Lozenges offer a convenient, mess free solution for the treatment of cold and flu symptoms on the go.

Rowse says this is the first 100% pure and natural honey product in the category amongst other honey remedies that either use an artificial honey flavour or small amounts of honey supplemented by glucose syrup, allowing retailers to expand their cold and flu fixtures with a high quality natural remedy.

What’s more, there is no maximum consumption limit for the Sachets or Lozenges, so consumers can use them as and when they need, driving incremental volume and frequency for retailers. Offering a natural winter defence range of products in convenient formats also helps the pharmacy category to target a younger audience with busy lifestyles, who are looking for on the go solutions to treat their cold and flu symptoms.

The Lozenges contain 10 pure honey and lemon lozenges and retail from £3.29. The sachets contain eight pure honey and lemon sachets (rrp £3.29).

Independent retailers can call 01491 827422 for more information on Rowse Honey.