Tony Lipscombe, owner of Premier Neyland Supermarket, in Milford Haven, Wales, says the new Maltesers Buttons are flying off shelves.

“We’ve been selling the new Maltesers Buttons for the last six weeks and they’ve been really popular. We’ve been promoting them through Premier with some POS in store and they’ve been well promoted elsewhere. You only need to try them for yourself to realise why they’re so popular - they are very tasty!

”In general terms, it’s got a bit quieter now the weather’s got cooler. It has been a battle all summer trying to keep up with demand, especially with soft drinks and the CO2 scare. We couldn’t get any Pepsi Max 2 litre bottles for about a month!

”Now we’ve gone quieter on the soft drinks and BBQ products. We’ll start running some back to school promotions next as we always like to make the most of that opportunity.”