Walkers is looking to offer additional support to independent retailers by increasing the case size of its core pricemarked packs (PMPs) from 12 to 15.

Walkers PMP Range

The Walkers PMP line-up includes Walkers crisps, Doritos and Sensations as well as family snacks such as Quavers and Cheetos.

The bigger case size is designed to help c-stores keep their shelves fully stocked throughout the day to meet customer demand.

Will Kerr, head of impulse category at brand owner PepsiCo, commented: ‘’The booming sharing segment is growing by +14% and now represents over half of all snacking sales. We are out there helping retailers drive increased visibility of this format to ultimately maximise sales (Nielsen 2019).”

“We see huge value in working collaboratively with retailers to help them grow sales through their core Walkers range. The popularity of PMPs presents a huge opportunity for retailers and reinforces the value message in the eyes of the consumer. We hope this case size move will support even more of our independent retailers, and help them drive their sales without compromising on their storage capacity.”

The new 15 case format will be made available to retailers across the independent trade from January.

Walkers is hoping the bigger cases will build on its recent category advice: Walkers Hero 20, which encourages retailers to focus on best-selling and much-loved brands in the savoury snacks category.