The Ice Co, Europe’s largest manufacturer of ice, has redefined its ice cube range and relaunched its products. 

The brand’s research has shown that customers need different ice products to add to distinct experiences. From parties to the most premium drinking occasions, the company has created a range of products to satisfy demand.

The Ice Co’s range includes ice cubes, crushed ice and large spring water ice cubes with brands including Party Ice and Super Cubes. The new designs are being rolled out in August.

The company has seen an 183% increase in Super Cubes sales compared with last year.

Ginny Durdy, marketing manager at The Ice Co, said: “Consumers are at a stage where they feel embarrassed if they don’t have ice in the freezer when they have guests, and like a consumer chooses their drinks to suit the occasion, they are now also choosing their ice in the same way.

“We wanted to inject colour, texture and warmth whilst establishing a trusted brand. The packaging now clearly differentiates each product and the usage occasion”