Tangerine Confectionery has joined forces with drinks brand Vimto to create Mini Jelly Beans.

Available in original, cherry and strawberry Vimto flavours, each bean will be flavoured from the shell through to the core and comes in 38g and 200g bags, as well as a 160g £1 pricemarked bag for the convenience sector. The firm claims that the jelly beans are set to appeal to families, teens and adults. They are suitable for vegetarians and are dairy free.

Adrian Hipkiss, head of marketing at Tangerine Confectionery, said: “The jelly bean market is growing at an incredible rate, and coupled with the tried and tested success of our other Vimto confectionery, we know that there will be a huge appetite among Vimto fans young and old for our new product.”

Vimto Mini Jelly Beans already have listings in Nisa, Spar, One Stop, Booker and P&H.

The product joins Vimto Bon Bons and Mini Bon Bons, as well as Vimto Fizzy Rip Roll and Vimto Fizzy Rippa.