Sunmagic has released a new range of colour-coded juice drinks, the first of their kind to be deemed healthy or ‘school compliant’ by new government regulations.

The range is packed in 330ml PET bottles, coloured to indicate the flavour of the drink and available to all channels of the trade from the first week in February, in 12 x 330ml cases. Bottles have an rrp of 69p.

The Amazing Apple & Blackcurrant juice drink comes in a purple bottle; Outrageous Orange juice drink variant in an orange bottle; while Awesome Apple juice green comes in a green bottle. All bottles feature a sports cap for convenience.

Under the new government regulations regarding school food standards came into effect this month, soft drinks available in schools must contain no more than 150ml of juice due to their sugar content, and the maximum portion size of ‘combination drinks’ (drinks containing both juice and water) is now capped at 330ml. The portion size limit has been put in place to avoid soft drinks manufacturers adding artificial sweeteners to enhance the taste of an over-diluted drink.     

Razin Ali, Sunmagic brand manager said: “We all know that kids buy with their eyes and the new Sunmagic 45% Juice range of sports-cap colour-coded bottles will appeal hugely to children with their colour-coded bottles. The ‘school-compliant’ stamp of approval will provide the additional reassurance to parents that their children are drinking a healthy product.”