Coca-Cola is setting male drinkers firmly in its sights with the UK launch of Zero. It claims the introduction will reinvigorate the entire carbonates category.
The company says the launch is its biggest in the UK since diet Coke 22 years ago.
Zero is aimed at consumers who want the taste of Coke but with the lower calorie and no sugar offering of diet Coke.
The drink was launched in Australia earlier this year where CCE says it achieved a 20% household penetration in eight weeks.
CCE claims that Zero also reversed the decline in the carbonated soft drinks sector of the Australian market.
A 2,000-strong sales team will visit 100,000 outlets, including 35,000 independents, in the first six weeks of Zero's launch.
The drink's introduction will also be supported by TV advertising and sampling, plus the biggest ever outdoor and digital campaign run by the company.
Zero is available in 150ml cans, 330ml cans, six pack and fridge-pack, as well as 500ml PET and 2ltr PET.
CCE will also be changing the name of the Z range to Zero. The move will involve Fanta, Sprite, Lilt and Dr Pepper.
As well as launching Zero, CCE has launched a multipack of PET bottles across a range of brands plus a new fridgepack of 330ml cans designed to fit in a standard fridge.
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