Coors has launched its Carling C2 mid-strength 2% lager into the off trade.
The company says that modern working lives mean that socialising needs to fit in around other activities and that higher-strength lager is not always appropriate to social occasions.
It says the lower abv of C2 lends itself to lunchtime and evening socialising.
Coors is aiming the lager at men in their mid-20s - slightly older than the target market of Carling.
Coors says that retailers should position C2 500ml
four-packs alongside full-strength Carling and not with low- or no-alcohol beers.
The launch is being backed by a £2m spend which includes poster ads in the autumn, a money back if not satisfied guarantee on four-packs in September to December, and a C2 message on all Carling multipacks.
Sampling has also been taking place at offices and stations and will continue throughout September.
RRP £2.99
TEL 01283 511000