Soul Food Collective is joining the healthy snacking category with their premium quality, freeze dried fruit and seeds in Fairtrade Belgium chocolate.

The full range comprises of six flavours: freeze dried strawberries coated in dark & berry chocolate (50g), freeze dried raspberries coated in dark chocolate (50g), freeze dried amarena cherries coated in dark chocolate (50g), freeze dried mixed berries coated in dark, milk and white chocolate (50g), roasted soya beans coated in dark chocolate (30g) and roasted pumpkin seeds coated in dark chocolate (30g).

To maintain the integrity and flavour of the fruit, berries are freeze dried and coated in organic Fairtrade Belgian chocolate which offers natural health benefits from the naturally occurring polyphenols and flavonoids. They are also freeze dried the same way in which food is freeze-dried for astronauts that go to space to ensure all the nutrients are kept. Their soya beans and pumpkin seeds are organic as well as gluten and GMO free. The soya beans undergo an innovative, patented roasting process, guaranteeing 40% less fat than other nuts. The entire range is naturally gluten free and vegetarian.

The range is available through BoroughBox: