Mr. Organic has a range of sixteen new products for this autumn, all handcrafted and handpicked by organic producers.

The range, available now, offers a healthy and accessible take on ‘chocolate spreads’, ‘conserves’, ‘mayonnaise’ and a brand new  ‘add-ins’ range of sauces.

The brand’s free from mayonnaise (£2.49 per jar) is egg-free and vegan friendly whilst still being rich and creamy. It has 244 calories and 28g less fat than Hellman’s.

New Five Beans Mix (rrp £3.50 per bag) is a hearty blend of cranberry, red kidney, black, navy and cannellini beans perfect for those lunchtime broths and summer salads or the new Country Soup mix (£3.25 per bag). The Lentils Mix  (£3.25 per bag), Pearl Spelt & Beans Mix (rrp £3.25 per bag) and Pearl Spelt & Pearl Barley Mix (rrp £3.25 per bag) are packed with protein, iron and vitamin B, to bulk out dishes.

Mr. Organic is also releasing three varieties of gluten-free chocolate and hazelnut spreads (£3.69 per jar - £3.99): Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Free From Chocolate (made without dairy), a tempting offer without the additives and Palm Oil found in most spreads and all made from wholesome, natural ingredients. 

The Organic food company launches a zingy addition to its range with a new selection of hand crafted conserves, arriving in four fruity options that include Sicilian Lemon, Sicilian Bitter Orange, Sicilian Mandarin (rrp £3.99 per jar) and Elderberry (rrp £4.69 per jar). Prepared and preserved with the utmost care and attention, each piece of fruit has been lovingly hand-picked before becoming the delicious conserve that arrives to your door.

The brand’s new range of versatile and convenient add-in sauces includes Grilled Pepper, Grilled Aubergine and Tomato & Olive (rrp £3.39-£3.69 per jar). They are all gluten-free, vegan friendly. 

The products are distributed by: Marigold Health Foods, CLF, Hider Foods, Goodness Foods, Queenswood Foods, Infinity Foods, Greencity (Scotland), Holley’s Fine Foods, Springvale Foods, Gorgeous Food Company, Cotswold Fayre, Suma and Shire Foods.