Nestlé Confectionery has launched a £5.6m Rowntrees campaign to support Fruit Pastilles, Fruit Gums, Randoms, Jelly Tots and Tooty Frooties.

This is the highest value media support for Rowntrees since the launch of Randoms in 2009, and will feature new TV advertising as well as video on demand and digital advertising, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The new TV ad focuses on the imaginary factory worlds in which Rowntrees sweets are made. The first burst is on TV screens throughout May, with the second burst running from July to October.

It is estimated the campaign will reach 85% of the UK population, which is 51 million people!

The masterbrand approach was first adopted by Rowntrees in 2015 with the brand’s sponsorship of the 9pm film on Film4. This has shown positive results in terms of brand equity measures and also uplifts in performance of sub-brands Tooty Frooties and Fruit Gums, which have not had advertising support for over 20 years.

In addition, the masterbrand’s hanging bags have now moved to a sharing pouch format. The move provides many benefits to both consumers and retailers. For consumers, the sharing pouches are easy to open, they can be resealed using the ‘on pouch’ sticker and the bags themselves can stand which makes them easier for sharing with friends and family. The perception of quality of the product is also higher based on the change in format and the new matte finish to the packaging, claims Nestlé. What’s more, the standing bags are designed to generate better on shelf visibility, therefore it is anticipated that retailers will benefit from both increased trial and repeat purchases resulting in incremental sales and profits.

For a limited time only the Rowntrees Randoms sharing pouch has moved from 120g to 150g whilst retaining its £1 price mark. The pouch will also feature a ‘25% extra’ flash on pack highlighting the change and representing increased value for money to consumers.