Independent small batch distillery Poetic License has expanded its ‘The Rarities’ range with a limited edition Agave Nectar Gin.

The nose on the gin is sweet from the natural, unrefined sugars of the agave nectar with aromas of earthy black pepper and floral notes from hibiscus and rose.

On tasting, the flavour is immediately sweet candied-ness, followed by vibrant pink pepper, juniper, hibiscus, citrus and lemongrass. The drink ends on flavours of citrus, aromatic black pepper and the sweetness of agave.

The gin is a vegan-friendly alternative to the popular honey gin style and takes flavour-inspiration from Mexico, where most of the world’s agave is grown; it is distilled and infused with agave nectar as well as hibiscus which gives it its soft pink hue. This will be #8 in Poetic License’s range of limited editions, ‘The Rarities’, and will be available from the middle of September.

Master distiller, Luke Smith, said: “Agave nectar is a popular natural sweetener, often used as an alternative to sugar or honey in cooking. It is considered to be around one-and-a-half times as sweet but to still respect other flavours, allowing them to shine without modifying them in the same way, which is why I was so keen to experiment with it in gin.

“This is a sweet gin, but as this sweetness comes from an unrefined source it does not become sickly, saccharine sweet. We also used hibiscus in this gin which gives a floral yet slightly bitter note as well as the delightful blushing tone. Pepper makes the gin very aromatic and adds a lift of spice.”

The perfect pour for this gin is simply with premium tonic and orange peel. 

‘The Rarities’ range launched in 2017, with four limited editions launches throughout the year; Orange Blossom, Cherry and Basil, Gooseberry & Elderflower and Blackberry and Bay. 2018 has seen them create an Espresso gin, a Sweet Bell Pepper and Naga Chilli gin and a Tutti Frutti gin. All their Rarities thus far have sold out within just a few days due to their ‘grab-it-while-you-can’ nature, the Tutti Frutti gin proved so incredibly popular they broke their own rules and made a second batch. It is anticipated the newest offering will be in similar high demand.