Following the successful roll out of singles packs earlier this year, Perfetti Van Melle (PVM) has launched Mentos Shakies in multipack formats.

Made with natural colours and flavours, Mentos Shakies comprise strawberry milk, banana milk and peach milk flavoured Mentos. The chewy sweets are priced at £1.19 for a four-pack and £1.49 for a five-pack and are targeted at a younger audience.

Brand manager Claire Powley says: “Mentos has seen major growth in recent years (up 15.1%) and is now the number four major mint brand. This new launch is part of a wider strategy to add breadth to our high performing Mentos candy range, and provide shoppers with a unique and innovative product.

“Our singles packs have proved a hit and their differentiation from other products is already bringing new consumers into the category. With shoppers increasingly curious and experimental in the confectionery aisle, the introduction of the new multipack format, will allow consumers to trial the Shakie flavours and further boost sales of Mentos.”