Mast-Jaegermeister UK will premiere a new TV advert on November 23, developed as part of a £2.7 million campaign.

The ‘Craft the Moment’ campaign follows nine friends as they work together to construct a 14 metre high statue by hand.

The structure is revealed as a majestic stag and the group completes the finer details of their work with some of the same herbs, roots and spices that go into every bottle of Jägermeister, highlighting the craft at the very core of the brand.

Mast-Jaegermeister UK marketing director Nicole Goodwin said: “Craft the Moment was created to tell the side of the Jägermeister story that remains untold – what the product is and why it’s so special. Today’s consumers are a generation who knows that to get the most from life, they have to put the work in, just as we do with Jägermeister. The product itself is the result of determination, hard work, discipline and the science behind creating a perfect balance of 56 ingredients; the build of the stag in ‘Craft the Moment’ was intended to mirror these qualities.”

The ‘Craft the Moment’ 30 second TV advert will air on various channels including E4, Fox, Sky Living and Sky Sports 1 from November 23 at 9:27pm, until December 31.