McCain Home Chips

McCain has joined with leading childhood disability charity Family Fund to unveil a £1 million partnership.

It is hoped that over three years the £1 million pledge will help Family Fund achieve their goal to provide 150,000 grants and services per year to families with disabled or seriously ill children.

The grants will enable families to buy essential items giving them more time to enjoy important moments together when they need it most during Covid-19.

The partnership comes as Family Fund reveal there has been a 37% rise in families raising disabled or seriously ill children seeking support during Covid-19. 73% of the families the charity works with have not had a day out in the last six months, while two in five families, or 41%, have not played together away from home in the last six months. These issues are compounded by data showing that three in five of the families contacting Family Fund have seen their household costs increase as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The £1 million pledge will help Family Fund achieve their goal to provide 150,000 grants and services to families with disabled or seriously ill children over three years. The grants will enable the families to purchase essential items critical to easing the strain of their day-to-day lives, from kitchen appliances such as fridges and ovens, to technology such as tablets and computers. The items will allow the families to spend more time together, such as during mealtimes, enabling them to take time for the little moments during the immensely challenging circumstances of Covid-19.

Family Fund CEO Cheryl Ward said: “Parenting children with complex physical and emotional needs can be challenging, but families absolutely need and deserve the chance to enjoy the simple things in life – like coming together at mealtimes. This is why we are so thrilled to partner with McCain whose support will drive us towards our goal of providing 150,000 grants and services to vulnerable families.”

McCain GB president Howard Snape added: “As a family-owned business, supporting British families is a priority for us and we are determined to play our part to help address those most in need. Family Fund is doing some incredible work and we want to make a difference to the families who are most vulnerable. We believe businesses have a responsibility to show support and drive change, that’s why it’s vital that all of us in a position to help take meaningful action to support those those most in need during this immensely challenging time.”

Alongside providing a pledge, McCain is also driving greater awareness around Family Fund and give a voice to its work. This includes a nationwide Family Fund limited edition pack of McCain Home Chips, designed by art competition winner Charlie Conway, who is 10 and has autism and a brain injury. He lives in Bradford with his parents who have been supported by Family Fund over the years.

McCain will also be launching a national primetime advertising campaign in the coming weeks to raise a voice for Family Fund and its families which will be featured across the UK’s top channels.

The partnership comes as part of McCain’s ambition to make a difference to British families and communities across the country, with a focus on championing different types of families at mealtimes through its We Are Family campaign. As part of its response to Covid-19, McCain has also worked to donate more than 400,000 meals to FareShare as the charity worked to get food out to its network of 11,000 charities.