Maltsmiths has launched its first TV advert following the brand’s out-of-home and social campaign earlier this year. Highlighting the love the Maltsmiths have for what they do, the 30 second spot ‘When You Love What You Do’ aims to invite people into the craft beer category for the first time. With an upbeat musical track, the film positions Maltsmiths Lager as a crisp and flavourful beer for everyone to enjoy.

The film follows a joyful male and female Maltsmith dancing around a brewery to the tune of Hall and Oates ‘You Make My Dreams’. The large brewery doors open to reveal a green open space full of family and friends enjoying Maltsmiths Lager. The ad finishes with the Maltsmiths pulling pints and sharing their passion with others, highlighting the positive, upbeat nature of the brand.

Launched to bridge the gap between premium lager and craft, Maltsmiths’ Pilsner style Lager and IPA address a key barrier to trial – nervousness around taste - with a crisp, flavourful and refreshing style.

Earlier this year Maltsmiths undertook a redesign across its packaging to create stand-out on-shelf and encourage consumers to trade-up and try craft. 

With a total media spend of £4.5million in 2018, Maltsmiths has raised its profile as an inclusive beer, making it more attractive to first timers to the craft beer category.

Izabela Glodek, brand director at Heineken said: We’re thrilled to launch our brand new Maltsmiths ad that really shows the passion behind the beer. Maltsmiths is the perfect gateway beer for those who want to try craft but aren’t sure where to start and it plays a crucial part in attracting the huge 78% (Kantar WorldPanel w/e 17.06.18) of beer drinkers who are yet to try craft. We are really proud of our crisp and flavourful beers, and hope our new ad will encourage more consumers to try craft.”

Maltsmiths’ ‘When You Love What You Do’ ad will run on TV in August and September and on video on demand from August to October 2018.