Jo Cory talks to passers-by to find out what beers and spirits they plan to drink this Christmas.

Maggie Lover, Crawley.
“I don’t drink beer but my son drinks Kronenbourg in the pub and at home. I expect we’ll get in a 24-tray of Kronenbourg for him for Christmas. We don’t buy any spirits specially for Christmas.

“I’ve never tried to buy anything on Christmas Day, only on Christmas Eve, but it is nice to know convenience stores are there in case you’ve forgotten to buy the stuffing or something.”

Steve Dunning, Crawley.
“I’ll drink draught Fosters in the pub. At home, I’d have Stella or Kronenbourg. It depends on the deals. The weaker beers taste manky out of a can so I go for the stronger stuff at home. At Christmas, I’ll take along a crate of lager to friends’ houses. I won’t be buying any spirits just for Christmas. “I’ve tried to go to local stores on Christmas Day for booze or cigarettes but they’re usually shut.”

Sarah Senter, Crawley.
“My other half drinks Carling in the pub and at home. We’ll definitely be getting some extra boxes of it for Christmas. I normally buy a couple of extra bottles for people coming round: Bacardi, Malibu… my mum likes a snowball, so I’ll get some Avocaat too.

“I’ve never been into a shop on Christmas Day but it would be handy to have them there just in case, especially for batteries for presents.”

Kevin Wasley, Crawley.
“I’ll have a Carlsberg shandy in the pub but at home I like the French beers in 25cl bottles - just the right size. We’ll stock up for Christmas with a couple of crates of the French beer, and some wine too. We’ll also be stocking up on Cinzano, vodka and Malibu, and we’ll get some port in for mother.

“I have been to a local shop on Christmas Day to get some baby milk.”

Terry Black, Guernsey.
“In the pub we’ll drink the local bitter but at home we like those little bottles of French beer, bought in 12-packs. We won’t be getting anything extra in for Christmas - the police are very hot on drink-driving on the island so guests who have to drive may stay on softies.

“The shops aren’t open on Christmas Day in Guernsey so shopping isn’t an option.”

Lyndsey Ratcliffe, Henfield, West Sussex.
“I’ll drink bottles of Budweiser in the pub and the same or similar at home. I go to my mum’s house for Christmas and she’ll be stocking up with a crate of whatever’s on offer.

“I have been to the local shop on Christmas Day before, for bread sauce, that kind of thing.”