Green King, under the Morland & Co brewery brand, has introduced a new beer containing 0.5% abv.

Old Speckled Hen Low Alcohol delivers toffee and caramel notes, and is brewed with pale and crystal malts alongside challenger, first gold and golding hops; helping to create the drink’s toffee malt character.

Matt Starbuck, managing director for Green King Brewing & Brands, said: “Important in the decision whether to introduce low or no alcohol version of our famous beer is the driving belief that the beer should always taste like a proper beer.

“After extensive consumer tasting trials and expert tasting panel analysis it was decided to introduce a low alcohol version so our brewers could absolutely match that consumer expectation.

He added: “The low alcohol beer market is fast evolving as people’s drinking habits adapt to fit with healthier lifestyle choices. Choosing alcohol free drinks shouldn’t mean compromising on the occasion and there is an ever increasing demand for a grown up alternative to soft drinks and alcohol free beers that simply don’t hit the mark.”

Old Speckled Hen Low Alcohol is available to independent retailers now (rrp £18.00 / 12 x 500ml case).