Norfolk-based confectioner Gnaw has unveiled new ‘grab and go’ chocolate and granola bars that are set to appeal to health conscious consumers.

The handcrafted 35g bars contain 35% healthy ingredients, including seeds, fruits, nuts and granola grown in Norfolk. The firm claims that the bars have up to 14% fibre, offering healthier chocolate without the guilt.  

There are three bars in the range: milk chocolate with peanuts, British granola & seeds; milk chocolate with cranberries, raisins, British granola & seeds; and dark chocolate with orange, British granola & seeds. The products are all gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, and the dark bar is also dairy-free.

“We are always keen to make life as easy as possible for busy retailers,” says Matt Legon, Gnaw’s Founder. “Gnaw supply the bars pre-packed in their own eye-catching display unit – simply remove the top and display; designed to be placed close to your till point or on your coffee shop counter, these are the perfect impulse purchase.

“Whilst ‘being good’ is great, consumers are still reluctant to lose their sweet tooth completely and they won’t need to. Our new products will certainly keep your chocolate tills ringing”.

The new bars are available to c-stores now and retail at 99p (sold in cases of 40).