Gillette hopes to convert shavers into gliders with its latest shaving product, Gillette Fusion ProGlide.

The new line features seven new product innovations, including super-thin blades designed to give users the smoothest and most effective shave yet. The product was launched in the US in June and became the country’s leading razor within two weeks.

With heavy TV advertising support, the launch is the biggest ever for Gillette, and will be the most important product introduction for brand owner P&G in the UK this year.

The company’s range of ‘three-step’ shaving products such as gels, scrubs and balms will be relaunched to incorporate the ProGlide branding.

The ProGlide razor is available in both manual and Power (battery-assisted) styles.

rrp: ProGlide regular £9.99; ProGlide Power £12.99

tel: 00800 4455 3883