Forest Feast has launched a new range of slow-roasted seasoned nuts and signature chocolate nuts into the convenience channel.

The Forest Feast Slow Roasted & Seasoned Nuts range includes: Slow Roasted Sea Salt & Black Peppercorn Nut Mix; Slow Roasted Serrano Chilli Honey Almonds & Peanuts; Slow Roasted Heather Honey Peanuts & Cashews; Slow Roasted Colossal Cashews with Sea Salt; Slow Roasted Californian Pistachios with Sea Salt and Slow Roasted Pitmaster Smoked Almonds & Peanuts

The Forest Feast Signature Chocolate Nuts range includes Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Almonds; Belgian Milk Chocolate Brazils and Cookies & Cream Almonds. Both ranges have an rrp of £3 per 120g bag.

Marketing director at Forest Feast Bronagh Clarke said: “Over the last year the nation has spent more time at home, consumers are looking for snacks that elevate their evenings in and are leaning towards more premium, artisanal products. We’re proud that Forest Feast’s new nut ranges harness innovation and flavour discovery to meet this demand, while showcasing our in-house roasting and seasoning capabilities.”