Dry Nites is upgrading its packaging and product designs.

Girls’ packs now feature Disney Fairies’ Tinkerbell character, while boys’ SKUs continue to feature Spiderman, boosting product appeal on-shelf. Designs for growing children, aged 8-15, have been updated to look age-appropriate and more like real underwear.

Emma Roy, Dry Nites UK brand manager, said: “Dry Nites offer unbeatable night-time protection, and our updated pack and product designs reinforce our continued commitment to the market and our customers.

“Bedwetting is a perfectly common development stage for many children, with as many as one in four children wetting the bed.

“Dry Nites product features and new designs give parents and their children confidence enabling them to have a good night’s sleep as they manage this stage together.”

New SKUs (rrp £5.50 per pack of 10 pyjama pants) are available in all sizes from mid-August.