Home baking brand Dr. Oetker is rebranding its Surprise Inside Cupcake Centres range as Easy Fill Cake Centres, and adding new Blueberry flavour.

The product, which launched last year, has been rebranded to expand its usage from just cupcakes to a wide range of baked treats.

Easy Fill Cake Centres can be used for cupcakes, muffins, tartlets and layer cakes or as a topping for cakes and puddings.

Easy Fill Cake Centres Blueberry (rrp £1.99 per 140g) launches this month, joining Salted Caramel and Rich Chocolate.

The fruity filling is squeezed through a nozzle directly into the centre or onto a freshly baked cupcake, doughnut or muffin.

Jan McKee, executive head of marketing at Dr. Oetker UK, said: “We’ve launched Easy Fill Cake Centres to bring more excitement to home baking with the fun element of the ‘surprise inside’. Convenience is key for busy consumer lifestyles and we hope that this product will help make baking even easier. We’ll be supporting the launch with social media activity, recipes such as our Blueberry Muffins, Blueberry Piñata and Mini Lemon and Blueberry Cheesecake Cookies.”