Cow & Gate is overhauling its one and two stage cereal portfolio with the introduction of eight improved recipes and a 45% sugar reduction across the entire range.

The updated recipes - for ages 4m-6m+, 6m+ (stage one) and 7m+ (stage two) - boast improved textures and the portfolio now includes the following fruit and grain-based lines:

Stage one products

  • Baby Rice (100g, rrp £1.50)
  • Creamy Porridge (125g, rrp £1.75)
  • Banana Porridge (125g, rrp £1.75)
  • Fruity Wholegrain Porridge (125g, rrp £1.75)
  • Berry Multigrain Porridge with Oat & Rye (125g, rrp £1.75)

Stage two products

  • Banana Wholegrain Porridge (200g, rrp £2.39)
  • Red Berry Wholegrain Porridge with Spelt (200g, rrp £2.39)
  • 7 Grain Porridge with Buckwheat & Millet (200g, rrp £2.39)
  • Mango Multigrain Porridge with Oat & Rye (200g, rrp £2.39)

Like the rest of the Cow & Gate line-up, all the updated products are made without artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives or added sugars. The improved range also comes in easy-to-open doypacks that are resealable and stand upright.

For stage two products, the new packaging also includes a transparent window so parents can clearly see the texture and ingredients of each variant helping them to make quicker and easier buying decisions in-store.

Emmanuelle Grimbert, marketing director for brand owner Danone Early Life Nutrition UK, said: “We want to help parents provide their little ones with the best possible start in life, which is why we have been continuously improving our products through innovation and reformulation.

“Another part of this is supporting parents to encourage their babies to develop a taste for balanced food options, which can mean trying to avoid sweeter flavours. We’re really proud and excited that we were able to significantly reduce naturally occurring sugar across this new and updated range (average reduction per 100g) to make it even easier for parents to give their little ones a tasty option on their weaning journey.

Grimbert added: “The reformulated cereals products are specifically designed to help parents transition their babies onto solid foods, introducing textures and tastes from simple to complex. We’re confident they will make it even easier for little ones to join the rest of the family at the table, so parents can make the most of the early years and meal times together.”

The overhauled Cow & Gate range will roll out to Nisa retailers over the new few weeks, with further listings to be confirmed at a later date.