Cadbury has a new design and pack size for Boost and Double Decker. Boost has a sky blue wrapper while the colours of Double Decker have been made more vibrant and the logo size increased. Cadbury is also launching Boost Duo and Double Decker Duo - two smaller bars in one bigger pack.

The idea is to broaden the appeal of the products, making them more manageable. The launch is supported by a major TV sponsorship package as well as pos, with a total investment of £1.3m. In a further move, Cadbury has renamed its Cadbury Dairy Milk '8 chunk' as the Bar and a Half and hopes that a packaging update will give it a more feminine appeal. The bar is also available in fruit & nut and whole nut varieties.

rrp: Boost 48p; Double Decker 46p; Boost/Double Decker Duo 65p; CDM Bar and a Half 69p

tel: 08702 400 861