Bulmers is set to launch a national outdoor and press and digital campaign which celebrates the cider brand’s 125-year history.

Launching on 3 September, the ‘In The Beginning’ campaign encompasses national six sheet and 48 sheet posters, high profile London Underground advertising, and premium digital advertising sites around the UK including high-impact presence at the Manchester Hacienda, Liverpool Video Wall and London Bridge. 

The new campaign, which features the strapline ‘Great British Cider since 1887’, is one of two halves.  The first dates back to the year when cider-making pioneers Percy and Fred Bulmer made their first cider in Hereford in 1887, telling the story of how Bulmers was first made, through to celebrating its home in Hereford. The second part of the campaign will position Bulmers in modern times, celebrating everything Bulmers drinkers appreciate about the brand today.

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