Bonds of London has added 80 new lines to its American category, making it one of the biggest suppliers of US confectionery products here in the UK.

The new lines include Hostess Twinkies and Snoballs, Cookie Dough Bites & WarHeads sour sweets, amongst a broad range of other leading American snacks and confectionery.

Founder of Innovative Bites Vishal Madhu, which recently acquired Bonds, said: “Bonds of London has historically been known for its traditional British sweets, such as pick’n’mix jars and hanging bags. Of course these products remain hugely popular with UK consumers, but the trend for American confectionery and snacks continues to grow exponentially, so we felt it was time to upweight this offering for Bonds of London’s 7,000 plus customers across the UK.”

Bonds began making handmade sweets in 1895. Amongst its core offering, Bonds produces old-fashioned jars and gift jars as well as traditional bags, plus the UK’s leading small 39p bag range. Since launching in 2008, Innovative Bites has grown to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of core American foods with exclusive brands including Hostess Twinkies, Boylan, Warheads, Cookie Dough Bites and MOM cereal brands.