Bobby’s Foods is offering display packs of stocking fillers.   

The brand’s novelty Bpop lollipop, priced at 69p, is available in three different designs. The eye catching display tower holds 24 BPOPs.

For superhero fans, Bobby’s has the Marvel Spiderman Surprise Eggs, which come with a surprise hidden in every half-milk and half-white chocolate egg.

Each egg is individually wrapped (rrp 69p each) with 24 per display.

Bobby’s SnakeWinders, 33cm in length, are twisty twirly fondant filled candy, available in strawberry and cream flavour and limited edition blue razz flavour. These come in a display of 48 (rrp 30p each).

Vimto Mini Bon Bons are priced at 45p each with 24 packets per display.

Blue Razz Shots hard sour candy balls are available in display packs of 32 (rrp 30p each).

Bobby’s Foods marketing executive Chris Smith said: “Here at Bobby’s Foods, we have a variety of great Christmas confectionery lines for retailers to stock their shelves with.  We offer a selection of price points and all exclusive to local stores nationwide.”