Blockhead, the pioneering energy gum brand, is launching two new gum ranges in the UK: Blockhead Energy Gum and Blockhead Vitamin Gum.

Blockhead’s gum products are aimed at adults in need of an immediate, healthy and convenient energy or vitamin boost.

Born from the recognition that other energy products on the market don’t activate fast enough when it comes to boosting performance, Blockhead has staked its claim, creating a new category that sits squarely between the booming energy drinks market, and the declining chewing gum sector: functional confectionary. With a combined market value of over £1.8bn in the UK alone, Blockhead’s innovative approach is set to disrupt and grow these industries with its dental friendly, calorie and sugar-free products, whether for athletes partaking in high-intensity sports or hard-working adults for their day-to-day lives.

Offering a flavoursome substitute to unhealthy and high-sugar alternatives, Blockhead Energy Gum’s main active ingredient is caffeine – for its proven benefits in both sports and day-to-day life – with B vitamins also vital to the formula to help metabolise energy and Panax Ginseng to enhance physical and mental well-being. Blockhead Vitamin Gum has been developed specifically with Vitamin D, to create a great-tasting gum that provides consumers’ daily dose of vitamins D, C, B and A, which is important in the UK, where one in five adults are vitamin D deficient.

The production process utilises cutting-edge, cold-pressed technology, which means that the active ingredients are released from the gum-base itself, as opposed to adding a cake-like layer which is commonplace in other chewing gum brands. Removing all heat from the production process ensures that the active ingredients don’t lose any potency.

Blockhead’s recent debut into the retail market and subsequent tie-ups with leading retailers – which already include a blend of big name traditional retailers, exclusively online retailers and a huge pool of independent stores – reflects an industry-wide move away from sugary energy drinks and gum products, specifically at the point of sale. With Blockhead offering an energy and a vitamin-rich option for consumers looking for an immediate and discreet boost, its innovative approach plays into the on-going shifts in the sector in ways that existing energy drinks and chewing gums are unable to achieve.

Danny Lowe, founder & director at Blockhead, said: “We only launch new products if they’re genuinely innovative, that’s what Blockhead is all about – providing quality products that the public and retailers can get excited about. We believe that what we’ve created is truly unique – combining the best of science and technology to create a gum with added performance benefits, whether you’re an athlete looking for that energy boost or a student taking an exam that’s looking for an immediate pick-me-up.”

Blockhead Energy and Vitamin Gum are available in 10-piece (£1.99 RRP) and 5-piece (£1.20 RRP) packets.