Barratt Sour Bon Bons are available in 180g sharing bags (rrp £1), offering a mix of flavours including sour cherry, apple, lemon, and blue raspberry.

The bon bons follow the recent launch of Sour Apple DipDab and are expected to be popular with consumers, as the demand for sour sweets continues to grow, increasing by 80% since 2016, according to Tangerine.

Fruity Coconut Mushrooms are available in a 190g mixed sharing bag (rrp £1). They are soft, fruity sweets covered in coconut, with a range of flavours including lemon, orange, raspberry, blackcurrant, and lime.

The popularity of coconut flavoured products has soared over the last few years, with word of the ingredient’s dietary and nutritional benefits gaining increasing momentum, states Tangerine. The firm claims that the growing demand for products containing coconut makes the Fruity Coconut Mushrooms a desirable sweet treat for adult consumers, looking to indulge.

Both products are supported by the £2.6m initial investment into Barratt, which intends to put a spotlight on the revitalised brand and its key product offering.

Marketing and category director Russell Tanner says: “Our recent research has shown that a key global trend for 2018 continues to be ‘Kidulting’, the popularity of treats and sweets geared towards adult consumers who are looking for ways to relive their childhood and eat the sweets that remind them of their youth. The study showed that simple pleasures, like eating a DipDab, helped adults reconnect with their inner ‘big-kid’. Both NPD replicate this notion and perfectly recapture the simple joys of childhood.

“We expect all this year’s NPD to fly off shelves as consumers enjoy a modern twist on their classic favourites, while welcoming back the Barratt brand they know and trust.”