New Forest Ice Cream is predicting big demand for kids’ fruit ice lollies this summer. “Most people have been hammered so badly by the recession that they’re not going away for their holidays, so there’ll be more kids around,” says national sales manager Lawrence Rippon. 

The company is launching Yeti Mountain cola and lemonade lolly (rrp 55p), and Super Five five fruit lolly (rrp 75p) for 2011. The latter contains real fruit juice, which Rippon claims is important in order for it to remain permissible for parents. “Mums like to know they’re not throwing rubbish into their children’s throats,” he says. 

The lollies use children’s characterisation to appeal to their young customer base. “Children are getting more sophisticated they don’t just want what mummy gives them. It’s not just about the product; it’s about the concept that goes with it,” explains Rippon. 

Unilever is branding all of its Wall’s children’s lines with cartoon lion Max, including new addition X-pop. The orange, strawberry, lemon & cola lolly with bubble gum flavour popping candy has an rrp of 50p. 

Also going down the multi-flavours route is R&R’s Horror Lolly. Originally launched as a Halloween-themed multipack, the cola-flavoured lolly with a vanilla ice cream centre and strawberry sauce is entering the impulse market with an rrp of 70p. 

And the company’s Fab lolly, which has already seen success with a limited-edition Orange Lemon & Lime variant, is looking to introduce an Apple & Blackcurrant variant. 

Mars is also cashing in on the kiddies market with a Milky Way Magic Stars ice cream stick. It retails at 80p, or £2.99 for an eight-pack.

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