Fox’s Kitson also believes retailers should not overlook the on-the-go format and make sure they provide a selection of both on-the-go and take-home offerings.

“We recommend retailers operate a 2:1 ratio between at-home and on-the-go products. However, this will depend on other factors such as seasonality and region,” she says.

Burton’s Foods has been quick to embrace the on-the-go trend with new packaging formats including mini products in portion-controlled packs and Maryland, Mini Cadbury Fingers and Jammie Dodgers in £1 resealable, pricemarked pouch packs. Says Negus: “These pack formats meet consumer demand for products that can be eaten on the move out of the home, either by individuals or people sharing.”

Kraft Foods convenience and distributive director Steve Mounty agrees that on-the-go can be a source of profit for retailers. “On-the-go snacking is a real opportunity for independent retailers, and we want to help them make the most of the trend with our existing biscuits range and particularly with our two new launches in the category.”

Kraft has recently released mini variants of Ritz crackers and Mini Oreos. Available in 40g packs, the new products are designed for on-the-go snacking and are suitable for lunch boxes.

Mounty says that these launches will create more consumption opportunities and generate more sales for retailers. “This new range will help convenience retailers to get the full benefit of their biscuits range and attract customers at every stage of the day,” he adds.

Tops Tips

United Biscuits’ Nick Stuart believes that retailers should be doing more to capitalise on impulse sales. “Some 69% of trips to a convenience store are unplanned and our research has indicated that £1.2bn is lost from the total snacking category every year because shoppers were not able to find what they want,” he says. “There’s a huge opportunity for independent retailers to grow their sales by making sure they follow some straightforward merchandising principles. 

“These boil down to stocking the right products in the right location in order to make it easy for shoppers to find what they’re after. After all, if they can’t find what they want they’ll simply go elsewhere.” 

Burton’s Foods’ Simon Negus thinks that retailers should take advantage of customer’s impulsive natures through stocking new lines and clever merchandising. “Increasingly, biscuits are bought on impulse and so need to be merchandised prominently,” says Negus. “This particularly applies to new products as 33% of people admit to ‘often buying’ a new product when they see it (Kantar Worldpanel).” 

He adds: “We advise c-store owners to cross-merchandise best-selling biscuit brands with hot drinks to encourage sales of both. For example, about 65% of biscuits are eaten with a hot drink so it makes sense to site biscuits next to tea and coffee.”

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