Nisa stores that converted to the latest Evolution format over the past 12 months have enjoyed an average sales rise of 11.8%, according to the symbol group.

The double digit growth compared to a 6% sales uplift recorded 12 months ago by stores converting to Nisa’s Store of the Future 2 Evolution format.

Since the start of January this year, 42 stores have switched to the latest format which looks to offer retailers a greater degree of flexibility, moving away from a one-size-fits-all model to a more modular development format.

Nisa head of format and development, Darren May, said: “The move away from a one size fits all model to a more modular development format continues to prove successful for our retailers and the figures show that it is working for them.

“Our store development managers work very closely with our retailers to ensure they deliver the best fit for them and their demographic, allowing the Nisa partner to hand pick and evolve concepts to suit the needs of their own business.

“The aim is to give each store a unique quality and selling point, required to make a difference in the market place.”

Rikesh Patel, owner of Buggsi’s Nisa store in North Kensington, London, has seen a similar rise in sales after converting to the new format earlier this year.

“The new format certainly has had an impact on sales. It may not be as dramatic an increase as we’d originally hoped, but it has allowed us to remain competitive in our area,” Rikesh said.

“We’ve had a Co-op open directly opposite us, which means our main supplier became our main competition, but sales have increased overall under the Evolution format.

“Before the revamp, my old store in the old format began to struggle with the nearby competition. Overall sales went down, bread sales reduced by 50%, but under the new format they have risen again, even doubling in some areas.”

Nisa retailer, Barry Patel, converted both of his Luton-based stores to the latest format and has seen a rise in sales.

“Sales have gradually been increasing and it is all positive for us. The stores look fantastic and our customers are all really impressed. All in all, it was a very professional job that was done, and sales have gone up,” Barry said.

In addition to conversions, a further 41 new Evolution concept stores have been built since the start of the year, including several flagship stores.