The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) has published a series of downloadable posters to help inform customers about wearing face masks in shops. 

woman shopper in face mask coronavirus

From 24 July, all staff and customers will be obliged to wear a face mask while in a shop. There are some health and logistical exemptions in place

The government has said it is not up to retailers to enforce this measure however some confusion remains about who actually is.

The ACS has offered up some guidance on reminding customers of the face mask measures. It suggest explaining to customers, if challenged, why you have adopted this policy and how it helps limit the spread of coronavirus.

With some concerns expressed over age-related sales, the ACS said a member of can ask customers to temporarily remove their face coverings in the event that they have to identify someone against a proof of age card.

It also advises that staff “explain but do not seek to enforce your face coverings policy if customers become aggressive or are not willing to follow this policy” and that in an emergency, call 999.

As always, to report incidents of abuse, intimidation or violence, call 101 and collect information: recorded images, details of the crime and details of the perpetrator.

The face mask posters can be downloaded here via the ACS website. It has also published a poster detailing the reasons a member or staff or customer might not be able to wear a face covering which includes having a hidden disability, being with someone who relies on lip reading or are working behind a protective screen.

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