Just as service levels at Nisa’s troubled new ambient warehouse reached normality, a problem with the group’s Order Capture System (OCS) meant that many stores failed to receive scheduled chilled and frozen deliveries early in the new year.

A computer problem put OCS out of action for two days, meaning members’ orders had to be captured manually. As a result, many retailers missed the cut-off point for next-day delivery, leading to shortages for products such as milk.

Nisa’s IT team have since rectified the problem and at the time of writing the OCS was working normally.

Although the chilled supply problem was unrelated to that affecting Project Vision, Nisa’s ambient mega-warehouse project, it meant that some larger members have endured a disrupted product supply for the best part of two months.
Project Vision is reportedly now back on track with much improved service levels.

Nisa central office has agreed not to charge members for printing and distribution of consumer leaflets for the affected period, but for many retailers the problems were resolved too late to make up the shortfall in pre-Christmas sales.

One member told C-Store: “Christmas sales were rubbish. We’re just hoping that we haven’t done any long-term damage.”