Londis retailer Roli Ranger has opened a striking new store with a pronounced focus on fresh locally sourced goods and artisanal produce.

The 1,600sq ft store, built in a former furniture shop in Sunninghill, Berkshire, opened for business on Saturday 30 May.

It features a wide array of goods from the local butcher as well as fresh fruit and vegetables from Covent Garden market.

There is also a patisserie counter serving a mixture of baked goods from the local Rosebud Bakery as well as Cuisine De France.

Reclaimed wood and other natural materials have been used throughout the design to give the store “a completely different vibe from a traditional convenience store,” Roli said.

The counter has been constructed from large wooden railway sleepers, while under it, the low level tobacco unit has also been made from rustic-looking wood.

The store also features an array of innovative touches such as self serve oils and vinegars, which are already proving popular with the area’s affluent shoppers, Roli added.

“We’ve been trading for less than a week and the response from shoppers so far has been overwhelming,” he said.

”Shoppers can’t get over how striking the store looks, and the word stunning is being used quite a lot.”

“We are having a formal opening day to properly introduce the new store to the local community tomorrow and we are expecting quite a crowd,” he added.

Roli’s new store currently employs eight members of staff and is four miles from his other Londis store in New Road, Ascot.