Mondelez International has launched the third TV ad under its new Tastes Like This Feels campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM).

This ad is for the CDM Big Taste range, which comprises toffee whole nut, Oreo crunch and triple choc sensation variants. The 30 second ad shows a biker, with a dog in his sidecar wearing a 1970s ski mask, enjoy the experience of riding the open roads together.

The campaign aims to highlight the unique taste experiences of different CDM bars. The latest ad follows the successful launch of the classic CDM spot which featured a bear in the woods as it revelled in the feeling of scratching its back on a tree and the CDM Medley ad which starred a dog receiving a massage from a cat.

The campaign will involve ongoing digital, experiential, ambient, PR, topical, tactical and social media activations as well as brand partnerships.