Finally, a not-so-good one. She was taking £7,000 a week on PayPoint (licences, congestion charge, utilities and so on) and getting £39 commission. On Payzone she is taking £900 on top-ups and gets £45 commission. She says PayPoint doesn't care about providing a service to the community. Customers will now have to go two-and-a-half miles.
This invoked a full and frank response from PayPoint. Hugh Arnott says: "PayPoint provides the terminal, support structure including signage, a contact centre that is available 365 days a year, consumables free of charge, and marketing support. In addition, our agents get access to a comprehensive range of products and schemes. In return we ask agents to comply with the terms of the contract. It is interesting to note that should Ranjan Patel have processed all her transactions through PayPoint she would make a total commission of about £70, so is losing out on £25 per week.
"No terminal is removed lightly. It is not inexpensive for PayPoint to find an alternative outlet and to train a new agent. The relationship that we have with our agents is one of partnership and the partnership can only work if both parties meet the agreement signed between them."