I have to say that complaints about suppliers are a bit like buses. None at all and then all come at once.
So it was with PayPoint a short while back when I had three complaints in a row. These have all been looked into now and sorted,
one way or another.
Stephen Sutherby from Stockton-on-Tees had complained that a till roll got stuck in his terminal and staff put through an Npower payment for £246 twice.
PayPoint had told him that he had used up his allowance of four credits (which he says he probably had, but didn't notice because they were tiny).
Spokesman Hugh Arnott says: "We looked into this and are pleased to confirm that we have agreed with Npower that the claim should be settled. Mr Sutherby appears comfortable with the outcome."
Indeed, Stephen was delighted. And because PayPoint agreed to settle an 'oldie' as well, amounting to £82, Stephen donated this to charity.
Then Asif Mahmood, Spar, Oakley, Dunfermline, complained that he is now a tax collector for Fife Council. His turnover on PayPoint is £600,000 a year and he gets less than 1%. He's making £100 on £8,000 a week and says that after bank charges and a risky walk to the bank, he's left with about £30.
PayPoint says that if Asif would like it to seek an alternative or additional outlet to cope with the footfall, then it will try to help.
"Fife has recently closed its cash offices," says spokesman Hugh Arnott, "so it is an area that we are looking at and have added extra agents already. It is important to note that the additional footfall should lead to additional sales. At a recent IGD conference, up to 15% of all transactions were shown to be impulse - irrespective of category. These impulse sales can clearly make an enormous difference to retailers.
"As an additional help, there are exclusive banking deals available to our agents (with rates as low as 15p per £100 banked) and they should contact us for details."