This latest comes from a retailer who requested anonymity since he says he is "skating on thin ice at the moment" with his supplier.
He writes: "We have always found the system of one particular supplier problematic. We got rid of them years ago, but they are now back because of takeovers. Their operational procedure encourages fraud. In this day and age, there are no reasons why the drivers cannot scan everything in and out in the presence of the retailer.
"With the returns, they go straight into a skip and are not checked when the drivers return to the depot. We have found some drivers take out items of say, £2 each, and give credit for items of, say, £1.50 each. We now check returns line by line.
"Their drivers carry 'money off' and 'special price' stickers which they will slap on, but these are never reflected in the prices the retailers pay for the products.
"We used to just check the total number of items delivered tally until we found that errors are always in the drivers' favour price-wise. Now, with few exceptions, we check things in and out line by line.
"We also had a driver who used to take things out because they only had a day or two life left in them. I thought it was mighty nice of him, but became sceptical when I came across products in the market with the Londis price label on them.
"As I said, until such time everything is scanned in and out in the presence of the retailer and all returns are checked back in at the depot, fraud is here to stay."
This seems like such a reasonable solution that one wonders why the company is dragging its feet over investing in a bit of kit that will help them keep their customers and lose the crooks.