As expected the PayZone piece regarding minimum transaction penalties in my last column generated some 'footfall' of its own. Most could be summed up meerkat fashion: "Simples. Turf them out."

Amit Patel, from Belvedere News Food & Wines in Kent, emailed an interesting point: "At the end of the day, commission received, less banking costs, less financial penalty, equates to a loss-making venture. Answer this question, how many customers who come into our shops for Payzone services purchase an additional product where the profit margin is more than 15%? Not many."

Barnstaple retailer Lesley Brown from Frankmarsh Stores, tells me that she has an 'associated sales' function on her epos system which proves how many of her PayPoint (PP) customers make 'linked transactions'.

She tells me that of the 1,750 PP transactions recorded in the week she spoke to me, just 97 made no other purchase. That means that 5% of PP sales do not generate any other sales, but that 95% do.