Time for another reminder here about Bus PASS terminals. Not for the first time a retailer has complained about the price of moving a terminal just a teeny bit to the right or left.

For Desaibhai Patel, who runs Toridin Convenience Store (what interesting store names some of you have, we should run a competition) in South London's Catford, it was "daylight robbery".

He says: "A one-hour job. The engineer made one hole in the counter for two sockets. I had to pay £821. Transport for London is a monopoly. The commission is only 4p in the pound and the company has a take-it or leave-it attitude."

He was thinking of referring it to the Office of Fair Trading. It might be wishful thinking on my behalf (I am a Londoner) but I reckon the OFT might be up for investigating our mayor Ken purely on the basis that he is a politician and they can investigate if they feel like it.