Oh Gary, where are you when we need you? Michael Wakeling sent me an email from Nottinghamshire with a frustrated and challenging opener that read: "I doubt if you can help, but here goes..."

Michael runs Annesley Woodhouse Post Office & Stores, which he describes as a "very busy two-counter post office" with a retail business recently expanded by the addition of newspapers and fresh sandwiches. A roaring success this, as it has increased his retail turnover by a whopping 500%.

His email adds: "In the latest issue of Convenience Store the supplement had Gary Lineker exhorting us to expand our business by using Walkers' display units. Hah! I tried, but was told I had no chance until 2007 as their budget had run out! Why flipping advertise things when they cannot back it up?"

Well, I probably couldn't put it better myself, although feel I should point out that Convenience Store only manages to bring you this superb, totally free, action-and-advice mag every fortnight by dint of the advertising revenue it attracts (which it attracts, I should add, by running a wealth of insightful-meaningful-get-the-full-picture-full editorial).

And here is Walkers' response: "Unfortunately, due to an unexpected high demand we have distributed all of the Walkers chiller display units for 2006. However, because of their popularity we are developing a new and improved version which will be available to retailers from January 2007.

"The 2006 Convenience Store Category Management supplement, in which the chiller appeared, is a yearly guide, and while there are no more chiller units available for 2006, the advice on secondary displays is still relevant throughout the year until August 2007."