You would think you could trust the Post Office to deliver Royal Mail books of stamps to your shop safely, wouldn't you? I mean if they can't do it, who can?

Waseem Ahmed has been ordering stamp supplies for his Costcutter for at least eight years with "nae bother" (he's from Oakley in Dunfermline).

But the lot he ordered in May never arrived, although the department responsible for sending out the stamps claimed to have a signature. The cheque had been cleared so the Royal Mail got its money and someone got the stamps, which cost £108.81.

"I don't dispute that they despatched them. But I'm the only one here in the mornings when the post arrives," says Waseem, who completely trusts the three members of staff who arrive in the afternoon and have been with him for 15 years.

The Royal Mail's policy on missing stamps is to send out a replacement set of supplies. Another special delivery batch was sent on June 23 and Royal Mail says they were delivered on June 24 and signed for at 11.04am. They checked the postcode with Waseem and it is correct.

I get few complaints of this nature so when I tried my old Royal Mail number it was no longer in use. I went on line and discovered Royal Mail's nifty little gimmick: an 'ask Sarah' box for queries. I typed in 'I need a contact for stamp supplies' and got an immediate response.

The member of the Royal Mail stamp business team I spoke to said: "We send out hundreds of thousands of these every day and only a few go missing. If we get a complaint we send out replacements without need of proof. The retailer just has to put something in writing for audit purposes. If it happens again then an investigation takes place."

Indeed, the case is at that stage at the moment.