I knew someone would point out my rubbish sums over pro rata holiday entitlement in the June 15 issue. I was looking for an equation to work out the entitlement which goes up from 20 days a year to 24 come October and to 28 a year hence. At the moment it is an easy equation as you just multiply their hours times four (four weeks off for full timers being the norm).
My convoluted attempts did not impress David Robinson at Lingwood Post Office & Stores who trades, as he puts it, "in placid old Norfolk". He emailed: "What are you on about? For 24 days you just times the hours worked per week by 4.8. For 28 days you multiply by 5.6. Easy!"
Maybe easy for you lot of numerically nimble retailers. Take it from me, I work in words because the numbers game wouldn't have me.