As sagas go, this one is a roller coaster. Lloyd Bakewell first contacted me on May 10. He had ordered a glass-fronted drinks chiller from Husky for his store, The Village Shop at Thornton, near Leicester. He got the free Carling stock and was happy - but not for long.
A little while later the fridge broke down, but Husky got it mended. It broke again when it was 11 months old. This time it was the compressor.
"I have a five-year parts guarantee so I thought I was laughing," says Lloyd, "but it wouldn't cover this. It would be £90 to get it fixed again."
In July the fridge was still not fixed (it was 37°C the day Lloyd rang). An engineer said the main evaporator plate had a fault, causing it to burn out compressors. Five weeks later, Lloyd rang asking me to speed things up.
Husky was aware of the problem but awaiting parts, which a spokeswoman said Lloyd would not have to pay for, but suggested that he would have to pay for the labour. (Trading Standards would disagree: goods not fit for purpose and so on.)
In early September an evaporator plate arrived. The good news was that Husky said Lloyd wouldn't have to pay for anything, but the bad news was that it was the wrong part and the anyway the engineer had decided that the fridge was beyond repair. Husky negotiates with the manufacturer for a replacement.
Mid-September the new fridge arrives. It's an upgrade with better insulation and Lloyd is happy at last.
Every summer I get calls about inefficient fridges. This leads me to believe that most of the thousands out there work okay (although fridges do struggle with high temperatures). Lloyd was unlucky as he got the lemon.