Superna Patel, whose Londis store trades in Hounslow, Middlesex, is none too happy with Masterfoods. She recently discovered a reward scheme launched by the company four years ago that allows retailers to build up points by following a confectionery planogram. Superna, who has traded for 13 years, has had a Mars rep visit every month throughout that time. She says she started to follow Masterfoods' Capital scheme as soon as she became aware of it in December 2005.

She quickly accrued 6,000 points, with awards amounting to £60. She argues that every visiting rep agreed that she had been stocking according to planogram so she hoped her rewards could be backdated.

Unfortunately for Superna, Masterfoods isn't budging but the company has sent me its category principles where retailers, if they display accordingly, can get a 12% uplift in confectionery sales. Masterfoods' Capital scheme does sound as though it lives up to its name in that it is devised according to how consumers shop and what they want to buy, rather than what manufacturers want to sell.

There are six principles - right range, best sellers in best sites, multifacing, grouping by category, right space and siting where the highest footfall is.
There isn't room to explain it all here but don't take my word for it anyway in case you get it wrong and miss out on those rewards as well. Phone 01844 262517 if you want to sign up.